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The best milkweed comforter high quality and all plant-based
Couette fabriqué au Québec avec l'asclépiade du québec
Dormir sous la couette c'est si confortable
couette en asclépiade du Québec  confortable
Nouvelle couette en asclépiade du Québec hypoallergène
Couette fabriqué au Québec avec l'asclépiade du québec
Comforter - Twin size bed

Comforter - Twin size bed


Comforter - Twin size bed

New comforter and new quilting design ! Made from Plant-based fibers

Discover unique and exclusive bedding accessories made from Canadian Milkweed.

Superior comfort. Hypoallergenic. Does not retain moisture. Washable

Content: Fibers of PLA, Kapok and Milkweed from Quebec.
Exterior: 100% Cotton, 400 threads per square inch.
Dimension: 178 x 229 cm (70 x 90 inches)

The culture of milkweed allows the reproduction of the monarch butterfly and the maintenance of its habitat.

Milkweed and Kapok fibers come directly from the plants.

PLA comes from processing of corn.

Environmentally friendly and from renewable resources 

One year warranty against any manufacturing or material defects. To honor the warranty it is essential to use a duvet cover. Do not remove labels.

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