Eco&Eco 100% organic certified Buckwheat pillow and cotton Made in canada
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Buckwheat Pillow - Large
Buckwheat Pillow - Large
Buckwheat Pillow - Large
J'adore un oreiller plu grand qui soutien mon cou qui est frais et en plus est bio
Buckwheat Pillow - Large
Buckwheat Pillow - Large
Buckwheat Pillow - Large
Buckwheat Pillow - Large
Buckwheat Pillow - Large

Buckwheat Pillow - Large

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Organic Buckwheat Pillow

 100% Organic Cotton - Organic buckwheat hulls from Quebec. Certified Organic

Size:  50 cm x 76 cm (20 x 30 inches)  Total weight 5 kilos  11 Lbs

Pillowcase double thickness and ultra soft touch sold separately

This pillowcase has been specially designed and manufactured with care to maximize the comfort of our buckwheat pillow in addition to offering an exceptional softness .

Are you someone who likes bigger pillows. Do you have a wider shoulders making it difficult to sleep on a normal sized pillow?

Do you need a bigger pillow to sleep in comfort? Do you  lack extra support at the neck? Do you often wake up feeling uncomfortable due to a lack of support that causes you some pain? Look no further, Eco & Eco have the solution for you! Since we are all different that our way of sleeping is unique the fit of your pillow is your own.

Eco & Eco is proud to offer pillows of various sizes and adjustable so that you can enjoy just as you deserve a good night's sleep.

Our large pillow is designed for individuals with wider shoulders or just for those who like a larger pillow

Our fabric is entirely woven in Quebec. We have select a slighty extendable soft and resistant French Terry. 100% Organic cotton GOTS, natural, not bleached, high quality grade 439.4g (15.5 onces). Made from organic textile certified by OCQV.

  • Exclusive high quality grade fabric, malleable and stretchable, OCQV certified (GOTS)
  • Fabric knitting in Quebec and specially designed for an optimal support and a better comfort
  • 100% Made in Canada

A few tips

Do you find the pillow too hard?
Try it for a few nights to see if you need to make any adjustment.
If your pillow is too high or too hard you can remove some hulls.
Place your pillow with the zipper side up.
Remove a cup of hulls at a time until you find the fit that’s right for you. Put the extra hulls into a bag and keep it away from moisture.

Taking care of the pillow

  • Empty all hulls out of the pillow envelope
  • Wash the pillow envelope in cold water
  • Machine-dry
  • Put hulls back inside the envelope
  • Put the pillow back into the pillowcase with the zipper to the opposite side of the opening 
  • Air out your pillow a couple of times a year. Sun rays allow buckwheat hulls to regain their expansion.


For your comfort the buckwheat pillow can be adjusted:
The sleeping position being different for each individual, you must try first your pillow. If your pillow appear to be too high, it is possible to remove some buckwheat hulls.

To do so : you should place your pillow with the zipper facing up and remove with one cup of buckwheat hulls at a time until you find the appropriate adjustment that suits you best. Place the removed buckwheat hulls preferably in a paper bag, you may reuse them at a later time. 

Try your pillow at least one night before proceed with a second adjustment in order to give yourself some time to get used to it. 

** CONTRAINDICATION AND WARNING **The use of pillows is not recommended for children under 3. It is recommended that the pillow be inserted so that the zipper is on the side opposite the opening of the pillow case. The zipper is in a place that is not easily accessible. You may need to use small pliers to grip the slider. 

SECURITY FOR CHILDREN : Since our pillow have zippers that let you access their content. For safety, it is important to be teach and advise your children not open the zippers either of the pillow. 

WARNING: NEVER HEAT UP YOUR PILLOW IN A MICROWAVE OVEN OR IN A REGULAR OVEN. DOING SO MAY CAUSE A FIRE. Do not place your pillow near a radiator or a source of heat.  
Certain components of the pillow, such as the zipper, the ribbons or the labels may cause a risk of fire. 

Benefits of buckwheat pillows; 

The use of buckwheat shells as a filler is environmentally friendly, sustainable, renewable and compostable filler. 
The hulls are obtained through the seed decortication process. 
Buckwheat hulls do not cave in, hold humidity or body heat.
Buckwheat pillow are exceptionally cool at al times. 
The use of a plant-filled pillow is a true a legacy to our children’s planet. 

Warranty: We offer a one-year warranty on all manufacturing defects. Not reimboursable, product certified organic cannot be return for security of tracability and hygenic reason.

Regularly place your pillow in daylight near a window and/or outdoors to freshen it up and let it benefit from the sun’s UV rays. Make sure your pillow is not left out in inclement weather. 

For the maintenance of the hulls we suggest that you spread them on a large sheet and carefully shake them to remove the dust after a few years and add more if needed.

Made in Canada by éco&éco