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See our best Protective facial mask anti droplet in four layers organic cotton
Voici un couvre-visage fait de 2 épaisseurs de coton
Ce couvre visage est fabriqué de coton de jersey biologqiue
Protective Facial Mask - Anti Droplet -
Ces couvres visage sont disponibles en plusieurs couleur
Un couvre visage fait de coton biologique est idéal pour votre protection
Protective Facial Mask - Anti Droplet -

Protective Facial Mask - Anti Droplet -

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  • 100% Organic cotton Washable and reusable
  • 4 Layers of organic cotton jersey fabric
  • Ergonomic shape that covers the chin and nose
  • Made in Québec, with fabrics Fabric also woven in Québec

Available sizes:  Large Regular and Small
Available colours:  Gray or Pink

Small:  Height 14cm from nose to chin - Lenght 2 sections of 10cm total 20cm

Regular: Height 15cm from nose to chin - Lenght 2 sections of 11cm total 22cm

Large: Height 16.5cm from nose to chin - Lenght 2 sections of 12.5cm total 25
When you receive your mask it is important to wash your mask before the first use in hot water (60- 75°C) for 30 minutes with detergent.
If you order several masks make sure once washed to store them together in a bag (ZipLock Type) or clean container.
The éco&éco protective facial mask can be worn for a few hours,  it must be washed.
Wearing a non-medical mask helps protect yourself and also protect others!
Wearing the éco&éco mask helps reduce the amount of droplets exchanged and transmitted.  It is important not to touch your face or touch the mask too often!
The mask does not replace other preventative measures, such a regular hand washing and physical distance of at least two meters.
How to properly put on your facial mask
Wash your hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds before putting on the mask. If you do not have access to soap and water use an alcohol-based sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol.
The mask must remain on your face, cover the nose and not be worn around the neck or hung on one ear for example.
Similarly, avoid touching it with your hands,. Otherwise, wash your hands.
How to remove your mask.
To remove the mask, use only the elastic bands.
Wash your mask(s)  in your laundry in hot water (60- 75°C ) for 30 minutes with detergent to remove any traces of coronavirus present. If you are not at home, slip your soiled (used) mask temporarily into a bag (ZipLock Type or an airtight container) and wash it(them) later.
Finally, wash your hands again for 20 seconds after removing your mask.
The éco&éco protective facial mask is a hygiene product, return are not possible
It is also important to follow government recommendations