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Ce cure-oreilles est écologique et idéal pour tous
Depuis que j'ai choisi mon oriculi mes oreillers sont toujours propres
Eco-Friendly ear cleaner - Oriculi

Eco-Friendly ear cleaner - Oriculi




Eco-Friendly ear cleaner 

With this Oriculi no need of cotton buds ever again.  This little originales instrument is perfert to removes earwax at the entrance.  Don't go any further.  Earwas is actually good for your ears, as it naturally protects the eardrym. Use once of twice a week or as needed.

The Oriculi and be used on children, but only by an adult and in a calm atmosphere.

Made from : Bambou moso

Perle: Shcime superba wood
After each use wash it with gentle soap and warm water. Let dry. 


  • Prevents clogged ears
  • Reduces waste
  • Infinitely reusable

Made by Lamazura