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This natural plant-based sponge from renewable source, is biodegradable and compostable. Yes Loofah it's a vegetable.
The Loofah is a vegetable of the squash family, cultivated mostly in Orient.  Loofah cylindra come from the family of Cucurbits (cucurbataceae) which have very good resistance to drought and requires a period of nine months of sunshine to reach maturity and completely dry. Egyptcian Loofah are know as the best quality
The Loofah is mainly crop in tropical countries. When the fruit is young it is edible, you can also extract an oil which is edible and nutritious for the skin.
Our climate does not allowing us to grow this vegetable in large volume. From our opinion, Egyptian Loofah is one of the best quality.
Éco&éco Luffa are washed and clean from seed. Éco&éco luffa are not bleached.  
To harvest the luffas in our climate they should be grown in greenhouses and the quantities are very small and mostly exclusive.  Will you by our discoveries soon to be follow...
Here are a few how to spell the Loofah: loofah, loufah lufah or lufa.
Wet it its texture changes and softens. You'll soon learn to use it and can't do without completely natural plant source renewable, biodegradable and compostable sponge.
IN THE KITCHEN: To clean your fruits and vegetables. For washing dishes. He scratches the stainless steel or teflon.
IN THE SHOWER OR BATH : Wet the Loofah, its texture changes and softens. Use alone or with a gel or SOAP. The Egyptian Loofah of first quality allows to practice gentle and effective skin exfoliation For a skin smooth and clean a Loofah eco & eco c is an urban spa on a daily basis. In a circular motion the Loofah stimulates blood circulation and gives a feeling of well being and cleanliness. LOOFAH clean and smooth skin
Regardless of what you do, the Loofah can be washed regularly to the machine and dishwasher safe.  Keep in a dry place
Duration of the Loofah more or less 4 less.
Our Raw Loofah are imported directly from an Egypt farm by Éco & Éco without intermediary
You are interested in distributing our Loofah do not hesitate to contact us.