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New comforter and new quilting design ! Made from Plant-based fibers

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Discover the one and only bedding accessories made with milkweed from Quebec.

Milkweed and kapok are two similar fibers, they both come from plants and are therefore environmentally friendly and from a renewable source. 

Milkweed requires no pesticides and is known to be the favorite food of Monarch butterflies. A must for monarchs

Did you know that milkweed was an essential plant for the monarch and that the latter even depended on it for its survival? Indeed, after a long winter in the mountains of Michoacán in Mexico, the butterfly returns to Quebec, laying its eggs on this plant. Once hatched, the caterpillars feed exclusively on the leaves of the plant.

Kapok fruit of the Kapok tree, this vegetable fiber, very light, fine and silky made up of the hairs covering the seeds of the kapok tree or cheese. The waterproof and swelling natural kapok is widely used for making cushions.

PLA fiber Unlike all other man-made fibers. It comes from a renewable and revolutionary energy source: corn.  PLA fiber is a polymer obtaindc from process of corn. Is the first marketable polymer created from renewable resources, made entirely from corn. It is an ecological alternative for many domains and biodegradable. 
This fiber has a soft and fluffy consistency and, after compression, easily returns to its wispy and light form. It also exhibits exceptional moisture management properties. In addition is free of impurities and has been shown to cause no allergic reaction (Hypoallergenic)

Superior comfort. Hypoallergenic. Does not retain moisture. Washable

Unique and entirely designed and produced in Quebec

Content: Fibers of PLA, Kapok and Milkweed from Quebec.
Exterior: 100% Cotton, 400 threads per square inch.

Available in: King Queen Double and Twin size;