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Organic Buckwheat pillow

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Make your own buckwheat pillow 

A natural and ecological plant-based stuffing filling material

The buckwheat hulls are the protective membrane of the seed of buckwheat. The hulls (shells/husk)) are retrieved during the decortication process of the seed and are then dusted and cleaned with air process.

This natural plant-based stuffing material have the advantage to be recycled, renewable sustainable and compostable.

Buckwheat contains a tannin, and it is the tannin that naturally repels dust mites, this is the reason why we indicates that buckwheat pillows anti-dust mite.

Your can fin buckwheat hulls almost easily on the web. We suggest organich hulls to avoid pesticidesl.

The fabric

100% Organic cotton, natural and unbleached.

Our fabrics is entirely knitted in Montreal with 100% Organic cotton thread. The Cotton we use in the fabrication of our fabric is grown according to organic techniques without GMS. The absence of chemical pesticide, dye of whitening (bleaching) product and makes our fabrics exceptionally soft to the touch.

Once knitting of the fabrics is completed, we are ready for the cut and confection of our pillows and pillowcases.

In order to obtain a final products of a superior quality, durable, comfortable and exceptionally soft, éco&éco use it expertise in the knitting of its fabrics. n the choice of knitting of his fabrics and in the quality and fineness of the thread

Organic Certification  

Éco&éc fabrics is proudly made from organic textile certified by OCQV (Quebecvrai), which ensures that the entire production chain is governed by strict traceability standards and specifications. The buckwheat hulls (husks)  eco & eco are also certified organic by  OCQV (Quebecvrai) AT 10 006

In Quebec to have the right to use the term organic you must be certified...

When someone tells you that is product is Organic, do not hesitate and ask:  With who you are certified by and what is your number? It’s your right.

The CARTV accredited six certifying agencies to award certifications in Quebec: Ecocert Canada - QuébecVrai (OCQV) - Pro-Cert -IAQ International - Letís S.A. -TCO Cert


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