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About Us

From April, it will be time for a well-deserved retirement for me.

Since 2007, together we have promoted thousands of Loofahs, Safix and Pumice Stones and so much more. That's without counting our buckwheat pillows that have been added over the years, as well as all the bedding products whose fabrics have been proudly knitted in Montreal... I made it a point of honor to join organic certification with QuébecVrai, a source of pride for me. Fold, iron each set of sheets, place them in a beautiful box... What happiness!

Quite honestly, I didn't have time to introduce you to milkweed as I would have liked. If you're like me and you love to sleep warm, there are still several Quebec milkweed quilts left! As you know, I haven't taken many vacations since the birth of Eco&Eco.

Now is the time to think about resting. Am I going to get there? That's another story - I already have plenty of projects lined up... In April, Éco&Éco will close its doors for good. In the meantime, I would like to thank you for the trust, the great encounters and all these great projects

. And finally, I still have a few products left to present to you between now and closing time. We'll talk about it soon. Discover Éco & Éco, a family business from Montreal which offers a natural alternative to traditional products: body care, cleaning products and beddings made from fabric that is certified organic by the OCVQ.

Our history:
Our story began a few years ago, driven by our desire to find natural products in their purest form. This drive to find compostable alternatives brought our attention to the luffa, one of our first products. (We are since distributor of luffa in most of natural et organic grocery. While the luffa is well known for its use in body care, we found other uses for it, such as washing dishes, as it is in fact a multi-use sponge. We then added soap nuts to our lineup, a fruit hull which creates a gentle soap when it comes into contact with water. We created a liquid form of this product.

Slowly, we added new products: Canadian pumice stone pink salts. We wanted to create a sense of belonging while helping others discover locally-sourced products.
We were also concerned with offering products for everyday use and developed a line of bedding: Bedding sheet set and Buckwheat pillow. What helps us stand out from other buckwheat pillow manufacturers is that our woven fabric is entirely weaved in Montreal with organic cotton without dye. This makes our pillows pliable, soft and distinctive. Only a few companies are ''Certified Organic”.  We have added in 2020 Black Sheets, also certified organic but with a plant based and water based colour. 

In 2013, we noticed the appearance of a green leaf in logos as well as the use of Kraft paper in packaging. We developed our new brand image, an image that truly reflects who we are.

Thus, the image was born. Boreal Forest and Canadian Clay lines followed. We wanted to offer all natural products but also made it our mission to handpick the best ingredients according to our exacting standards, and added Canadian components and ingredients, a challenge we absolutely wanted to meet. Our line now included black spruce and Labrador tea, both odours that highlight our Canadian heritage.

An olfactory experience that will not leave you indifferent.

In 2013, in our desire to expand our bedding line and add a plant-based pillow. By happenstance, we discovered a plant called milkweed – or Asclepias Syriaca. This homegrown natural fiber with exceptional properties piqued our curiosity. Bit by bit, our little project came to life. With the years we had to make some changes of our original Milkweed Comforter, we offer now natural comforter, a blend of milkweed and kapok.

Our products are distinctive because they’re made in Canada but also because Canada is an integral part of them. We wish to thank all our clients and distributors for their loyalty and for believing in us since 2007. (Contact us to distribute our products)