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Red Canadian Clay

Red Canadian Clay


This all natural red clay is the one you need for dry skin of your whole body.

One of our most popular clays.

Within the first use, it delivers immediately visible results akin to a professional treatment.
Gently removes dead skin cells, repair damaged skin to reveal smoother, softer-looking skin. Bring skin back to optimum moisture level.

Your skin will recover it softness once again.

 It may stain a bite the skin for about 18 hours.

Natural, no preservatives nor additives.



Prepare a smooth paste by mixing two parts of clay with one part of lukewarm water.
Apply to the face or body. Leave for a few minutes. Rinse with warm water. Do not allow to dry completely.

2 tablespoon of clay to 1 tablespoon of water. 


All éco&éco products are never tested on animals.