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Soap nuts
Soap nuts
Soap nuts
Soap nuts

Soap nuts

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The Soap that grows on Trees ®

Size Available :  250 g  - 500 g    

Soap Nuts come from the Sapindus mukorossi, a tree grown in India. Soap nuts are not real nuts, they are non-edible fruits extracted from their shells, which are then dried. It is the shells that contain saponins - substances that act as a mild and natural detergent with cleaning propertie.

Saponin is a natural non-ionic surfactant, which when dissolved in water acts as a mild and natural detergent with cleaning properties. Soap Nuts are hypoallergenic and have been used as a detergent for centuries.

Soap nuts are entirely vegetable in nature. They will preserve the sheen and colour of washed clothing, in addition to being safe for all types of fibers. Their antibacterial properties are useful in municipal waste water as well as in septic tanks.

 *Soap nuts are biodegradable 28 days as per OECD test 301D, reusable, multi-purpose and come from a renewable source. 

How to use Soap Nuts:  instructions


No need to ad softener.

The soapnuts are the rising star of ecological products: they are available in abundance, not industrially treated and their waste product may be composted.



- for laundry and hand wash  (you do not need to us any softener with soap nuts)

- for floor and house cleaning

- to wash the car and more

Soap Nuts,  Camper's best choice!

Respect for the environment 

This product's entirely natural, plant-based origin ensures that its use and life cycle have a much smaller impact on the environment when compared to synthetic products that serve the same purpose.

We import and distribute the soap nuts ourselves, which greatly reduces the use of middlemen in the product's delivery.

Product from India imported by Eco&Eco without intermidiary