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Organic buckwheat pillow made in Quebec
Buckwheat Pillow - Small
Oreiller de sarrasin Reste sec & Frais
Oreiller de sarrasin 100% Québecois
The best organic pillow made in Quebec by éco&éco
Buckwheat Pillow - Small
Buckwheat Pillow - Small
Buckwheat Pillow - Small
Buckwheat Pillow - Small
Buckwheat Pillow - Small

Buckwheat Pillow - Small


Organic Buckwheat Pillow small pillow with pillowcase 

100% Organic Cotton - Organic buckwheat hulls from Quebec.

Our fabric is entirely woven in Quebec. We have selected a slighty extendable soft and resistant French Terry. 100% Organic cotton GOTS, natural, unbleached, high quality grade 439.4g (15.5 onces). Made from organic textile certified by OCQV

Our buckwheat pillow include a pillowcase: (26 cm x 43 cm 10 x 17 inches) - Weight: 1.3 kg  2.8 Lbs

This lightweight pillow is suitable for most uses: children *, travel, camping, as a support for the back, neck or legs……This side gives a perfect support for breastfeeding.

A few tips
Do you find the pillow too hard?
Try it for a few nights to see if you need to make any adjustment.

If your pillow is too high or too hard you can remove some hulls.
Place your pillow with the zipper side up.
Remove a cup of hulls at a time until you find the fit that’s right for you. Put the extra hulls into a bag and keep it away from moisture.

Taking care of the pillow

  • Empty all hulls out of the pillow envelope
  • Wash the pillow envelope in cold water
  • Machine-dry
  • Put hulls back inside the envelope
  • Put the pillow back into the pillowcase with the zipper to the opposite side of the opening
  • Air out your pillow a couple of times a year. Sun rays allow buckwheat hulls to regain their expansion.
  • Made in Canada by éco&éco