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Organic buckwheat Pillow made in Canada

The best Organic Buckwheat pillows  Eco-friendly local and made in Canada.

You want to be sure that our pillows are organic,  you can verify our certificate at,  AT 10 006.

Éco&Éco proud to be certified organic for its fabric which is woven in Montreal with Organic Cotton and Organic Hulls.   Here are 5 reasons why you should start using a buckwheat pillow and forever change your nightly routine!


What is a buckwheat pillow?  

Buckwheat, also called black wheat, is a plant originally from northeast Asia. What most people don’t know is how easily it grows in Canada. Buckwheat is gaining popularity in many foods due to it being gluten free, and filled with rich proteins. Our buckwheat pillows are filled with Canadian organic hulls first quality. Buckwheat hulls are compostable and sustainable.The results a pillow with many health benefits and a better quality of sleep. 


Buckwheat pillows are flexible!

With its zipper, it is easy to remove or add buckwheat hulls until you reach the desired firmness. So, no need to worry about the inconvenience of the firmness following the purchase of a new pillow. The results a pillow with many health benefits and a better quality of sleep. 

Buckwheat pillows are malleable

Once you have chosen the desired firmness of your buckwheat pillow, the pillow keep is shape and does not sag like feather pillows or synthetic padding.

During the first days, the criticism that comes up often is: "my pillow is too firm!" Give yourself a few days to get use to it, and you will see; You will not be able to sleep without it!

Buckwheat pillows are hypo-allergenic

Buckwheat pillows are not friends of mites! In fact, buckwheat contains a tannin which naturally acts as a mite repellent. Also, be aware that the worst time of year in Canada for the presence of dust mites in your bed is the beginning of the fall! If you feel the unpleasant effects of mites during this time of the year (asthma, cough, wheezing, etc.), maybe you are allergic to the microscopic creatures that populate your bed. This is where a buckwheat pillow can come to the rescue.

Buckwheat pillows keep you cool and dry

If you sweat a lot during the night, buckwheat pillows can be an interesting choice for you! They are more breathable than any other synthetic pillow. The shape of the hulls allow a circulation of the air. Hulls do not retain humidity and remain fresh at all times. This allows them to dry faster and keep a better freshness.

Buckwheat is organic!

The buckwheat used in our pillows is produced here in Canada (Quebec), as well as the knitting of the fabric of the envelop and pillow case. This padding offers the advantage of being recycled from the buckwheat  flour  culture, therefore being renewable, sustainable and turned into compost. A buckwheat pillow is a great vegan alternative compared to other pillows made from feathers.

The eco&eco Advantage

If you choose one of our buckwheat pillows, you can count on it being %100 Canadian made. This pillow is made with the highest quality materials, made just for you!

Buckwheat is certified organic with Ecocert. The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) cotton yarn is natural and unbleached. We have an OCQV certification for the entire product (LINK: (Certification Body QuébecVrai). AT 10 006. 

All good reasons to like buckwheat pillows! 

Available in various size. see


  • Marcellin Fortin

    MErci pour cette commande ultra rapide et de votre patience via les nombreux courriels.

  • Sarah Mancini

    Mon conjoint adore son oreiller en sarrasin, car il a essayé plusieurs oreillers avec les années. Lorsque je l’ai essayé quelques jours, je suis tombée en amour. Cet oreiller m’a grandement aidé à adopter une meilleure posture de sommeil pour ma nuque, et je n’ai plus de maux de tête dûs à un mauvais angle. De plus, le fait qu’il soit biologique et fait au Québec est un bonus pour moi. Comme on dit en anglais, you get what you paid for! Fortement recommandé! (leurs draps biologiques aussi!)

  • Couturier

    Bonjour! J’ai récemment commandé une petite couverture pour mon bébé et j’ai adoré la qualité du tissu et sa douceur ainsi que son imprimé. Mon bébé est bien au chaud et elle est très confortable! Je me cherchais d’autre produit similaire pour moi et la propriétaire a tout fait pour me recommander les meilleures produits en boutique. Le service est au-dessus de mes attentes!!! Très heureuse! Je recommande chaudement!

  • Heidi

    Mon mari adore son oreiller! Et quelle service extraordinaire! My husband loves his pillow. And excellent service. We highly recommend!

  • Anthony

    Excellent produit et qualité ! Un des rare oreiller biologique au Québec.

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